List of most expensive schools

1. Institut Le Rosey, Rolle, Switzerland – $99,566 per year

89983Le Rosey 01 Campus de Verano

Simply known as Rosey, the school is a private, international boarding school located in Rolle in Switzerland. Emile Carnal established it in 1880. It is known as the “School of Kings” as it counts seven monarchs among its many notable alumni. It has a second campus in Bern where the entire school moves during the first three months of the year when winter is at its peak. The school has one teacher for every five students. Total enrollment is around 400 students only.


2. College Alpin International Beau Soleil, Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland – $93,158 per year


The school was established in 1910 in a Gstaad chalet before it moved to its current location a decade later. Its total enrollment is only 200 students, with the average class size being four students only. Around 50 nationalities are represented as the school strives to have a diverse ethnicity. Not one nationality has more than 10 percent of the entire student body. It has served children of European royalty and other famous people.


3. St. Albans School, Washington D.C. – $54,151 per year


Named after the first British martyr, this Episcopal school is located in Washington D.C. and serves students from the fourth to 12th grades. Harriet Lane Johnston founded it in 1909. It has about 575 students and 100 faculty members, of which 73 have advanced degrees. Its feeder schools include the National Cathedral School and the Beauvoir School, both of which are also located at the Washington National Cathedral.


4. Woodside Priory School, Portola Valley, California – $53,925 per year


Known as The Priory, the school was founded in 1957 by the Hungarian Benedictine monk named Fr. Egon Javor. It serves students from the sixth to the 12th grades. Enrollment stands at around 370 students divided into class sizes of 15 to 18 students. While it serves students mostly from the Bay Area, the school boasts of an international makeup of 16 countries.


5. Appleby College, Oakville, Ontario – $53,911 per year


For those who live in the area and do not need the school’s boarding facilities, the fee goes down to only $35,989 per year. Appleby College is an international school that serves students from the seventh to the 12th grades. John Guest established it in 1911, with help from Sir Byron Edmund Walker. Student enrollment is at 750. Located in Lake Ontario 50 kilometers west of Toronto, the school prides itself in its liberal arts education. It is the only school from Canada that is a member of the G20 schools.




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